BOpS presents The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw is an English chamber opera composed by Benjamin Britten, based on the eponymous 1898 novella by Henry James. The opera tells of a young governess hired to work at the mysterious Bly House, entrusted with the care of two children, Miles and Flora. Though at first enchanted by her new surroundings and the angelic children, the Governess soon becomes preoccupied by Bly’s dark and troubling past, consumed by a succession of unnerving events. The opera’s narrative is divided into a prologue and sixteen scenes, connected by variations of the ‘Screw’ theme heard near the work’s opening. Bristol University Operatic Society is delighted to be performing Britten’s opera at St. Paul’s Church in Clifton.

St Paul's Clifton

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Directed by Charlie Walker
Produced by Lucy Moses and Ailsa Campbell
Musical Direction Will Brockman
Written By Benjamin Britten