Spotlights presents Charged

Spotlights presents: Charged Charged is a collection of six short plays about women affected by the criminal justice system – from offenders and police officers to their family members. We are performing Doris Day and Fatal Light. Fatal Light depicts the breakdown of a family when a young mother is incarcerated, while Doris Day shows two childhood-friends-turned-co-police-officers clash over different expectations of the job. An unforgiving expose of the treatment of women, written by women, performed by women.

The Room Above

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Audience Warnings:

  • Tw: mentions of rape, suicide and domestic violence
  • Strobe Lighting is used during this performance.
  • Contains strong language.


Directed by Brenda Callis and Benedict Crosby
Produced by Benjamin Orr
Written By EV Crowe and Chloe Moss