Pantosoc presents Aladdin

In a distant desert kingdom, in a time far beyond the reaches of recorded history, dark forces are stirring. The evil sorcerer Abanazer is hell-bent on seizing the land, and ushering in a thousand-year reign of destruction and ruin. Nothing now can stand in his way; except perhaps an unlikely young hero, currently residing in a local launderette...

Aladdin is a traditional student pantomime, packed full of uproariously inappropriate humour, side-splitting slapstick, belting musical numbers and sexy demonic retinues. Come along to cheer, boo, point out when one character is standing slightly behind another, and generally have as much fun as it's possible to do without being arrested!

"Rob Allcott successfully combines topical adult comedy with immature and sometimes frankly quite bizarre humour."
"I have suckled at the poisoned teat of pantomime - and I rather enjoyed it"
Bristol Theatre Review

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Strobe lighting and pyrotechnic effects are used during this performance.
  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Rob Allcott and Pia Dhaliwal
Produced by Mat Calder and Becca Playford
Musical Direction Charles Withall, Daniel Evans and James Horsburgh
Written By Rob Allcott
Choreography Ellie Grice, Gemma Stockbridge and Pia Dhaliwal
Stage Manager Joe Lewis
Chief Electrician Simon Rankine
Deputy Stage Manager Sophie Slater
Sound Engineer Keith Coventry
Pyrotechnician: Nathan Ottley
Assistant Electricians:Charlie Anderson, Jeremy Dalton, Rory Lucas, Tom Farmer
Sound Assistants: Alex Bourla, Tim Rye
Assistant Stage Managers: Claire Loptson, Georgina Butler, Izzy Mathewson
Stage Supervisors: Adam King, Jon Prager
Crew: Lucy Allen, Adam Whitehouse, Charlie Simspon, Simon Barnes