Revunions presents Behind The Laughter

For three nights only, the Bristol Revunions are putting on their first full sketch show of the year, with a brand new cast and ALL NEW MATERIAL. However, we will also be taking you behind the scenes of a Revunions show. BEHIND THE LAUGHTER will give you an exclusive look at what it takes to make a sketch show, complete with outtakes, behind the scenes footage and talking heads. On from Thursday to Saturday of next week in MR5C of the Student's Union - miss it at your peril. £5 Or you can pay £4 and become a Revunions member - granting you the gift of weekly emails and future concessions. #savingdollar

Lady Windsor Studio Theatre (Closed in 2013)

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Ollie Jones-Evans
Produced by Hannah Horan
Written By Revunions