Spotlights presents BPC New Writing Festival 2017

This is it. The new writing festival of the year...IS BACK! The Bristol Playwrights Collective returns with eight brand spanking new pieces of theatre that are bound to entertain, intrigue and inspire both theatre-goers and budding writers alike! With each week comes a new selection of work, ranging from laugh-out-loud comedy to touching naturalism and the downright ABSURD. Week 1: 'A Sense of Time' by Ned Elliot 'Shortfall' by Lizzie Annis 'It's Okay' by Alice O'Brien Week 2: 'John Doe' by Megan Good 'I Played This Song at My Funeral' by Isaak Lewis-Smith 'scorched.' by Sam Bird Week 3: 'Diary' by Ali Mills 'Into The Deep' by Ed Lees

The Room Above

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Various
Produced by Lizzie Annis and Sam Bird
Written By Various