Spotlights presents Bristol Playwrights Collective Showcase

In the basement of cafe Kino, lurking in the dark and intimate space, our team of new and brilliant writers, directors and actors have coalesced. They are offering a select audience the chance to see the best the Bristol Playwrights Collective has to offer. From turkey basters to game shows, mix tapes to chalk lines, the pinnacle of new writing is here for two evenings of entertainment.

Cafe Kino

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Directed by Alice Goodger, Emily Hooley, Harrison Clark, Gisele Payvandi, Robin Wilson, Jack Chesher, Kane Walpole, Toby Almy
Produced by Gisele Payvandi, Billie Turner, Kane Walpole, Jessica Rayner
Written By Jessica Rayner, Harrison Clark, Kane Walpole, Jon Berry