Pantosoc presents A Brave New Panto

Rose couldn’t care about weird aliens, strange planets, or the future crisis that will affect us all… she just wants to drink through her degree; not be ‘rescued’ by a self-conscious and neurotic time-traveller. Now she’s stuck trying to get home, with timelord-esque Apollo, his vain hyper-evolved alien Cat, a nonchalant supercomputer and a robot butler trying to find his inner humanity. As they travel across a tropical paradise, to a familiar city in the future, and even into VR they are pursued by the dastardly dame Princess Leia, hell-bent on revenge, relating to her mysterious history with Apollo… Come see Bristol PantoSoc's latest offering on the 19-21st of March at the Pegg Theatre!

The Pegg Studio Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.
  • Strobe Lighting is used during this performance.


Directed by Megan Good, Megan Green, and Gemma Smith
Produced by Jonte Hance
Musical Direction Charlie Siret
Written By Tim Bustin, Eleanor Allen, Fred Cascarini, Beth Raithby and Sophy Taylor
Choreography Ellie Allen, Charlotte Bowyer, Chi Jun Chung, Maisie Hare, Humza Hussain, Jemima Lomax, Arisa Neeson, James Purves, Evie Rutter, Amber Saunders, and Charlie Siret
Stage Manager Alex Beavil
Stage Designer Fred Cascarini
Chief Electrician Tom Hobbs
Lighting Designer Tom Hobbs
Sound Engineer Joe Fearon
Dahee Kwon, James Gitonga, Millie Wills, Sharlene Dsilva, Nicole Li