Pantosoc presents Cinderella

Cinderella, the classic tale of social inequality, slave labour and magical talking animals. Cursed to a life of drudgery, Cinderella bows to every whim her foul sister’s demand of her, but can a chance meeting and an item of supernatural footwear change all this? Will Cinders offer Prince Charming a snug fit? And do parking fines still apply after midnight? House and more importantly the bar opens an hour before the show!

Anson Rooms

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Audience Warnings:

  • Pyrotechnic effects are used during this performance.
  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Tom Bridges
Produced by Ellie Cripps and Tash Romaine
Musical Direction Oliver Poole
Written By Pete Bagot and Charles Scherer
Stage Manager Charlie Anderson and Joe Lewis
Chief Electrician Tom Farmer
Deputy Stage Manager Nathan Ottley
Sound Engineer Morgan Atkins
Pyrotechnics: Charlie Anderson