Spotlights presents CRAM

ITS HERE! Spotlight's funniest, silliest and best loved production CRAM. But what the HECK is CRAM you may ask? Well CRAM is a showcase comprising of six original ten minute pieces written and directed by 6 teams of writers and directors. The pieces are based off of locations and objects previous suggested by members of the public, which were then picked at random for our writers to muddle over. Previous years have seen murder mysteries based on a "pineapples in TakaTaka"; insights into the mind of a religious cult based on "Pringles at Stone Henge" and many more. For a night of drama, mystery and comedy make sure you come along to CRAM.

Bristol Improv Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language.


Directed by Emily O'Brien, Sophie Stemmons, Olivia Pockett, Lauren Bevis, Eden Peppercorn, Oskar House, Tilly Storey, Laura Marcus, Kieran Boon, Theo Antonov, Ella Alalade, Luke Silverman, Ben Orr
Produced by Olivia Pockett