BOpS presents Dido and Aeneas

In our portrayal of Purcell’s original opera, we give Dido and Aeneas a modern day twist. The story sees Dido, who is struggling with her mental health, fall in love with sailor Aeneas, after meeting at a house party. We see their relationship blossom, but all the while Dido’s unforgiving housemates are plotting against her. They trick Aeneas into returning to his job at sea and Dido’s heart is broken. Please note: This portrayal of Dido and Aeneas features themes of mental health. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to email us at We are also collaborating with and fundraising for Bristol Nightline during the process of the show. To find out more visit

Winston Theatre

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Directed by Ruth Field
Produced by Megan Rees
Musical Direction Charlotte Greensmith
Show graphics Izzy Menendez