Music Theatre Bristol presents Dogfight

Rehearsals have been gearing up for this years’ incredible Winter Music Theatre Bristol performance of Pasek and Paul’s, ‘DOGFIGHT’, rarely performed in the UK, performed here in the Pegg Theatre. You will be transported to 1963 San Francisco on the eve of the ‘Dogfight’ and Eddie Birdlace’s and his fellow marines last night of freedom before going off to fight in the Vietnam War. Whilst on the hunt to find the ugliest date to take to the fight, Eddie Birdlace meets Rose Fenny, a quiet yet assured aspiring musician, who forces Eddie to question his beliefs, leading both of them on a journey of unexpected self-discovery. With a beautiful score of country/60’s vibe music, including songs such as ‘Pretty Funny’ and ‘Hey Good Lookin’, this intimate piece of story telling will keep you enthralled with its touching tale throughout.

The Pegg Studio Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.
  • Strobe Lighting is used during this performance.
  • It is illegal to use recording equipment during this performance.


Directed by Hope Cotterill; assisted by Hannah Wisher
Produced by Guy Barlow
Musical Direction Harry Haden-Brown
Written By Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul and a book by Peter Duchan
Choreography Becky Smith
Stage Manager Emma Morse
Chief Electrician Zoe Ashford
Sound Engineer Ben Smith