Revunions presents Give Us Your Lunch Funny

Bristol Revunions are back with mo’ sketches, mo’ laughing and mo’ of your favourite Revunion faces: the boy ones and the girl ones. If you liked our health hazardous, sell-out Wardrobe sets you’ll love our MR5C show – bigger, bolder, better, faster, stronger and less sweating. What to expect: 1. The unexpected. 2. And also all the things you did expect but slightly different to what you did expect. 3. Simple lighting states. Fresh off our World tour – the Wardrobe Theatre, the Cambridge ADC and houses in the Redland area – this is a show not TO BE missed or ignored.

Lady Windsor Studio Theatre (Closed in 2013)

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Directed by Ollie Jones-Evans, Pete Simpson.
Produced by Lara Taylor.