Dramsoc presents His Dark Materials

‘I spread my wings, and I brush ten million other worlds, and they know nothing of it.’

This February the Winston Theatre will reopen after its renovation for DramSoc’s most ambitious project yet; the spectacular two-part production of His Dark Materials. Directed by Max Kirk, Toby Marriot and Jude Mack, this production is unlike any other; boasting a cast of over 30, and involving nearly 100 students.

The adaptation of Philip Pullman’s trilogy into two full-length plays follows Lyra Belacqua’s journey through the Northern Lights, meeting a host of bears, witches, daemons and humans along the way. This production promises to be a beautiful and magical rendering of the story, and will benefit from an original score performed live during the performances. This is undoubtedly Dramsoc’s largest production to date, and promises to re-open the Winston with a bang.

Winston Theatre

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Directed by Max Kirk, Toby Marriott, Jude Mack
Produced by Zak Khan, Kate Neville-Towle
Musical Direction Gavin Dale
Written By Philip Pullman, Nicholas Wright