BOpS presents Sāvitri and The Wandering Scholar

BOpSFest presents a double-bill of seminal short operas by Gustav Holst: Sāvitri (1916) & The Wandering Scholar (1934). The two works are dramatic, emotional, and musically rich – and each comes to only half an hour! Sāvitri is a timeless tale of love conquering death. After her husband Satyavān is taken by Death, Sāvitri uses her powers of persuasion and devotion to win her partner back. By contrast, The Wandering Scholar is an ironic comedy. When her husband goes to town, Alison becomes embroiled in a web of love and deceit, involving a lecherous priest and a cunning scholar. An absurd farce ensues, reminiscent of Shakespeare and Fawlty Towers. Together, the pieces present a diverse spectrum of opera’s possibilities. Their universal themes and brief running times make them very accessible – and a great introduction to opera for newcomers. This unique experience is not to be missed.

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • It is illegal to use recording equipment during this performance.
  • Contains sex references.


Directed by Tom Tanner (Assistant Director: Bethany Mulley)
Produced by Mared Browning & Sarah Cooper
Musical Direction Zak Eastop (Chorus Master: Jen Statham)
Written By Gustav Holst (Libretto for The Wandering Scholar: Clifford Bax)