Spotlights presents Ifs and Butts

Following a Bonfire Night fiasco that is propelling him towards a lawsuit, Gregory, a jaded actor past his prime, is mysteriously shot in the buttock. Immediately a suspicious eye is cast over the myriad of odd balls residing in his dingy London flat. From his perpetually drunk goddaughter and tech-addicted tween niece to the charming exchange student recently arrived from Columbia, no one appears entirely innocent. Perhaps not even his loving wife and doting children. As the events of the five days leading up to Gregory’s “accident” are unfolded before us, it becomes comically and painfully apparent that a noxious combination of chronic dissatisfaction and insatiable egos has bestowed on the flat an environment that would happily accommodate an arse cheek to be shot at.

The Pegg Studio Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language.


Directed by Panda La Terriere & Kate Valentine Crisp
Produced by Shreya Sen
Written By Panda La Terriere