Pantosoc presents The Little Mermaid

Down in the underwater kingdom of Oceana, it’s Ariel’s 18th birthday and that means one thing – she can finally go to the surface world like she’s always dreamed! Against her father’s advice she goes to the ‘dangerous’ human world with his magical Nobule - in the hopes of keeping her safe. However, our little mermaid is somewhat of a dab hand at messing up and manages to misplace the Nobule trying to save a dashing human prince. As tradition dictates, it isn’t long before our villainous villainess, the evil sea witch Gursula, catches drift of this news and plots to take over both land and sea by stealing our heroine’s voice. Will Ariel ever manage to be part of their world on the surface? Will Gursula turn everyone into poor unfortunate souls? Will our dashing prince manage to kiss the girl and save Ariel? If you’d like us to stop drowning you in slightly copyright risky questions, then buy a ticket and set sail aboard PantoSoc’s The Little Mermaid!

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.
  • Strobe lighting and pyrotechnic effects are used during this performance.


Directed by Jamie Rahman
Produced by Nathalie Perthuisot
Musical Direction Sam Hobbs
Written By Ciara Corrigan & Adam Stanford
Choreography Becky Smith, Adam Stanford, Zoe Sadler, Emma Rattier
Stage Manager Grace Levy
Stage Designer Jess Tolliday
Chief Electrician Zoe Ashford
Deputy Stage Manager Kate Goldup
Sound Engineer Jonathan Lim
Pyrotechnician: Greg Quick