Revunions presents Dial "M" for Mustard

Martin Silver is a rubbish police officer. In over his head - and that's just the floods - Martin finds himself investigating a murder at the eccentrically-staffed Cadwallader Hotel. Partnered with the sharp Fiona Wiley, this dynamic duo must set aside their differences and find the truth in this epic (there is an interval) tale of love, loss, unrealistic murder rates, the Vietnam War, and mustard. Plenty of mustard.

Bristol Improv Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Louis Dawson Jones Nicholas Fairclough Jimmy Graham
Produced by The Bristol Revunions
Musical Direction The Bristol Revunions
Written By Louis Dawson Jones Nicholas Fairclough Jimmy Graham
Choreography The Bristol Revunions