Dramsoc presents On Love

£3 Dramsoc, £4 Student, £5 Non-student

This Summer Bristol University Dramsoc Presents... 'On Love'.

Originating from the desire to interrogate two different kinds of love, the "gut-wrenching, all-consuming, adrenalin-spurting dis-ease" and "responsible, simple, compassionate love" - 'On Love' explores the experiences of 24 characters in a series of interlinked monologues and duologues; the love of a father-to-be for his unborn child, a man's inexplicable attraction to a 9 year old girl, a young woman's discovery of love just as death stares her in the face...
"A life without love is not fully lived"

...What defines this from any other love story is that each word is truth - an interwoven tale of love in the 21st century using simply verbatim transcript: the product of a series of interviews with people of all ages and social backgrounds.

With original music written and performed live by Jose Vanders.
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Lady Windsor Studio Theatre (Closed in 2013)

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Directed by Rose Wardlaw
Produced by Pascale Morrison-Derbyshire
Musical Direction Jose Vanders