BOpS presents Pirates of Penzance

A swashbuckling operetta of ridiculous proportions, Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance follows Frederic, a man of 21 recently released from his apprenticeship to a pirate crew who falls in love with the daughter of a Major-General, called Mabel. He soon learns that, because he was contracted to be with the pirates until his 21st birthday and he was born on February 29th, he had only one birthday each leap year! As such, his apprenticeship still remains and owing to his innate sense of duty, he returns into their band, with Mabel promising to wait for him. This farcical operetta is being taken to a beach resort, where all is beachballs, palm trees and crazy hair-dos. Come and watch our fun, energetic crew on their journey along the Cornwall coast!

Bristol Improv Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Smoke effects are used during this performance


Directed by David Jones
Produced by Evie Jones
Musical Direction Will Kieser
Written By W.S Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan