Pantosoc presents Robin Hood

Remember how great our Robin Hood show was last year? No?! How rude. Well, since we're so kind we're giving you another chance to fall in love with our lovable rogues all over again. A classic tale of vigilantism, musical imprisonment and HILARIOUSLY glossing over what really happened in the crusades. Chills! Thrills! Some guy called Will! It's the whole package, really.

This show will be raising money for both PantoSoc and Alice Dowek's (one of our members) fundraising challenge to raise £3000 for The Children's Trust! You can visit her JustGiving page for more information:, also have a look at and for more information about the Children's Trust!

Anson Rooms

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Directed by Joanna Woods
Produced by Pooja Kawa and Nathan Evans
Musical Direction Oliver Poole and Inger Thommessen
Written By Oliver Poole and Joanna Woods
Choreography Alicia Midgley