Pantosoc presents Snow White

Snow White, step-daughter of the wicked Queen Grunhilda, finds herself in peril. As her stepmother plots to kill her, Snow must flee into the darkest of woods where she encounters an array of magical creatures, seven peculiar new friends, and a prince with an attitude problem. But will our daring and audacious hero Tim find her before Grunhilda? Will the Queen Mother ever find enough gin? Will Disney sue us for this production? Buy a ticket and find out!

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Strobe lighting and pyrotechnic effects are used during this performance.
  • Contains strong language and sex references.


Directed by Kane Walpole
Produced by Sean Jarrett and Zoe Sadler
Musical Direction Sam Leggett and Becky Smith
Written By Nathan Evans
Choreography Adam Stanford, Grace Kendrick, Philippa Badman, Rachel Clements, Becky Smith and Tilly Hebbes
Stage Manager Matt Shelbourn
Stage Designer Harri John
Chief Electrician Morgan Atkins
Lighting Designer Morgan Atkins
Deputy Stage Manager Amy Joint
Sound Engineer Tom Orme
Pyrotechnician: Greg Quick