The South-West's Comedy Crèche. We write, direct and perform our own sketch comedy. If you fancy getting involved, come along to our weekly workshops and join us in creating brand new sketches. We do lots of shows and every year take two up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We also host many scratch nights, giving budding non-sketch comedians the chance to perform with us as well, so whatever kind of comedy you're into, there's loads of opportunity to get involved. Become a member with the Bristol Revunions to be kept up to date with all of this and more:

Twitter: @BrisRevunions


Bristol Revunions present: Revs and Friends May 2019
Bristol Revunions Present Revs December 2018
ParaHoops October 2018
Bristol Revunions presents: Revun10ns April 2018
Bristol Revunions Presents: Revs and Friends April 2018
Revs: The Holy Trinity November 2017
Glassnut: Edinburgh Show Highlights September 2017
Bristol Revunions: Radish March 2017
Bristol Revunions and Friends March 2017
Bristol Revunions: Revs November 2016
Bristol Revunions: But At What Cost? October 2016
Dolce Mustarda September 2016
Dial "M" for Mustard March 2016
Planet of the Japes January 2016
Revunions Present: Michael McIntyre Live November 2015
'Revs': A Sketch Show November 2015
Revunions & Friends! March 2015
Bristol Revunions in: 3D November 2014
Bristol Revunions Present: Presents December 2013
Give Us Your Lunch Funny February 2013
Behind The Laughter November 2012
The Bristol Revunions & Cambridge Footlights June 2012
Miles Of Smiles February 2012