Spotlights specialises in taking risks, finding challenges and discovering new talent. Whether you enjoy writing, directing, performing or the process of devising a piece of theatre, Spotlights is here to encourage, and make sure that you are able to create whatever the vision is that you have in your mind!


Spotlights New Writing Festival: Week Three March 2019
Spotlights New Writing Festival: Week Two March 2019
Spotlights New Writing Festival: Week One March 2019
My People March 2019
A Breakfast of Eels December 2018
Arcadia November 2018
CRAM November 2018
Week Three: Traverse March 2018
Week Two: Arena March 2018
Week One: Classic March 2018
Charged December 2017
Physical Theatre Workshop November 2017
The Laramie Project November 2017
CRAM October 2017
Mopey the Clown June 2017
Shotlights May 2017
BPC New Writing Festival 2017 March 2017
Ifs and Butts February 2017
The Way Things Weren't December 2016
A Man of His Own Habitat December 2016
CRAM November 2016
Gloucester Road October 2016
Things We Do Not Know March 2016
Sleeping Around February 2016
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot December 2015
The After November 2015
CRAM November 2015
The Effect February 2015
CRAM November 2014
Bristol Playwrights Collective Showcase June 2014
Doctor Faustus March 2014
Abigail's Party March 2014
Blue Moon December 2013
Cram November 2013
Look Back in Anger March 2013
One Last Thing December 2012
Theatre Uncut November 2012
'Stacy' & 'Bunny' June 2012
The Cracks in My Skin February 2012
Rope November 2011
The London Cuckolds November 2011