BOpS presents The Mikado

This timeless and hilarious opera follows Nanki-Pooh, the son of the Mikado (disguised as a wandering minstrel) who returns to the topsy turvy town of Titipu in order to marry the beautiful Yum Yum. However, on arrival he finds that Koko, Yum Yum's fiance (and, as it happens, her guardian) who was to be condemned to death for 'flirting' has been freed and raised to the rank of 'Lord High Executioner'. As Nanki-Pooh, deprived of Yum Yum, contemplates suicide, KoKo is told that he must find someone to execute within a month, or Titipu will be reduced to the rank of a Village...

Clifton Hill House

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Directed by Charis Lawry-White and Tom Rawlinson
Produced by Alexandra Tchernakova
Musical Direction Lucy Armstrong
Written By W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan