Spotlights presents The Way Things Weren't

"My dead husband is here. My not-dead, my very alive husband. A shame he missed Christmas – three Christmas's. And three birthdays. I hope I don't look older." When Laura's husband - and soulmate - dies tragically in a car crash, she finds no viable alternative but to clone him. It's "all to get their life back to normal", but is normality an option any more? Spotlights proudly presents 'The Way Things Weren't' for our Room Above slot. This innovative piece of new writing explores timeless themes of grief, loss and love in an ever-changing world where we may not have to deal with them anymore. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see a spectacular show.

The Room Above

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Directed by Matthew Iliffe
Produced by Naomi Adedokun
Written By Brenda Callis