Dramsoc presents Vernon God Little

Vernon Little's best friend, Jesus, has just killed 16 of their schoolmates as well as himself. Thought to be the accomplice, Vernon sets out on a mad, colourful, funny, vibrant journey through Texas and Mexico as he runs from the police. Vernon's journey is coloured by a cornucopia of wacky characters, live, exciting music, and a world that magically and spontaneously transforms around him. An eccentric and animated satire of modern day America, 'Vernon God Little' explores what it means to be persecuted and marginalised by society.

Age Limit: 14 Years

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains strong language and sex references.
  • Strobe Lighting is used during this performance.
  • It is illegal to use recording equipment during this performance.


Directed by Alice Hoskyns and Sam Williams
Produced by Max Thrower
Musical Direction Shaun Would
Written By DBC Pierre (Adapted by Tanya Ronder)