BOpS presents The Cunning Little Vixen

BOpS presents a production of Leoš Janaček's The Cunning Little Vixen, set in a modern context and complimented by Norman Tucker's English translation from the original czech. Composed from 1921-23, Janaček's work is complex, comical, and emotional. The Cunning Little Vixen tells the tale of a quick-witted fox and her escape from a Forester's confinement in favour of a life in the forest. As the Vixen learns to interact with the human and animal worlds, an array of comical, emotional, and violent events ensues. A timeless parable of nature's life cycles and the inevitability of death and rebirth is presented through the Vixen and the Forester's independent journeys.Themes such as love, independence, animal rights, and feminism are developed, thereby telling a vibrant and relevant tale - and easily accessible for all theatre-lovers. BOpS is delighted to bring a fox's story of love, life and loss to the stage. Without a doubt, its relevant themes and modern, colourful setting make it an exciting experience not to be missed! Note - Gala Night is a Black Tie event!

Winston Theatre

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Directed by Abi Towle (Assistant: Poppy Storey)
Produced by Lily Holland (Assistant: Andrew Slater)
Musical Direction Imogen Copp (Assistant: Hannah McGuire) (Chorus Master: Harry Kirby)
Written By Leoš Janáček (Translation: Norman Tucker)
Choreography Delphine Boagey