Music Theatre Bristol presents West Side Story

New York. 1955. A neighbourhood is tainted with conflict between two street gangs; the American ‘Jets’ and the Puerto Rican ‘Sharks’. Neither can coexist with any form of understanding as they battle for territory and respect. But when former Jet leader Tony meets young Puerto-Rican Maria at a dance everything changes. Is their love doomed for failure? Or does true love conquer all?

Winston Theatre

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Audience Warnings:

  • Contains scenes of a sexual violent nature.
  • Contains strong language.


Directed by Jamie Dodd
Produced by Lucinda McLean-Bibby
Musical Direction Ben Smith
Choreography Marco Andreas Lissoni
Stage Manager Emma Morse
Stage Designer James Hart
Chief Electrician Greg Quick, Tom Orme, Hannah Shuter, Simon Rankine, Nathan Ottley
Deputy Stage Manager Zoe Ashford
Sound Engineer Matt Shelbourn
Vocal Coach: Finlay White
Assistant Director: Hannah Armstrong